The Department of Defense includes the following information supply chain components in its list of Platform Information Technology:

    • Weapon Systems
    • Training Simulators
    • Diagnostic Test and Maintenance Equipment
    • Calibration Equipment
    • Equipment Used in R&D of Weapon Systems
    • Medical Devices and Health Information Technologies
    • Vehicles and Alternative Fueled Vehicles that Contain Car Computers
      • Electric
      • Bio-fuel
    • Liquid Natural Gas
    • Buildings and Access Control Systems
      • Building Automation Systems or Building Management Systems
      • Energy Management Systems
      • Fire and Life Safety
      • Physical Safety
      • Elevators
    • Utility Distribution Systems
      • Water
      • Electric
      • Waste Water
      • Natural Gas
      • Steam
    • Telecommunication Systems Designed Specifically for Industrial Control Systems
      • SCADA
      • Direct Digital Control
      • Programmable Logic Controllers
    • Other Control Devices and Advanced Metering or Sub-metering
      • Data Transport Mechanisms
      • Dedicated Networks

Cybersecurity Considerations

Cybersecurity requirements must be identified, tailored appropriately and included in the acquisition, design, development, developmental and operational testing and evaluation, integration, implementation, operation, upgrade and replacement of all DOD PIT.

DOD platforms supporting certain DOD missions have unique operational and security needs. PIT systems require uniquely tailored security control sets and control validation procedures and require security control assessors and Authorizing Officials with specialized qualifications.

Interconnection between PIT systems and other PIT systems or DOD information systems must be protected either by implementation of security controls on the PIT or the DOD informatin system.