Arleen Malley Zank

Innovation | Digital Transformation | Cybersecurity | IP

An offset lithograph poster designed in 1981 as an advertisement for VM Software by the design company Grafik. The derivative poster is based on the wildly famous 1832 ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa from very well-listed Japanese printer Katsushika Hokusai’s (1760-1849) from his series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji. In this poster, the iconic wave fades into pixelation, and eventually graphic mapping of the waves’ forms.

Wave of the Future
Innovation | Cybersecurity | IP | Digital Transformation

A seasoned executive, technologist and business strategist with over 25 years of experience designing, developing, commercializing, and protecting complex information products and services. I'm focused on innovation, digital transformation, the informationization of the enterprise, cybersecurity, and intellectual property.

A sample of my project experience follows.


Experienced technologist, product manager and solutions architect responsible for the design, development, delivery, and support of complex information systems and new products with extensive experience with internet and emerging cloud delivery architectures, cyber defense, convergence of scientific and information platforms, M2M and IoT technologies, "big data", open data, and cloud and mobile business models.

Wayfinder Digital

Founder and President of Wayfinder Digital, a technology advisory focused on innovation, invention, and digital transformation. We help companies monetize and commercialize their new technology and figure out the best risk-based cybersecurity approach to protect their IP and their information supply chain.

Coronado Group, Ltd.

Co-founder and President of Coronado Group, Ltd., a specialized systems integration and technology advisory firm focused on new and emerging technology in IP intense information technology sectors.(1991-2013)

Open Data Strategy & Leadership

Participated in Open Data 500 White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; Department of Commerce; and US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Open Data Roundtables to collaborate with business and government colleagues on open data and information access issues and the new businesses it spawns.


Provide business development, technology & cybersecurity strategies, go-to-market planning, and fundraising support for innovative startups.

Blockchain, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Solar Energy Marketplace

Advisor to a new FinTech startup that sells non-fungible token (NFT) digital assets and associated digital products on the ethereum blockchain to crowdfund clean energy projects and climate change advocacy activities.

OSINT & Location Intelligence

Advisor to a startup developing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and location data analytics products for the law enforcement and intelligence markets.

Internet of Things (IoT)
AI Startup

Advisor to a startup focused on delivery of an embedded IoT device providing edgepoint security using localized behavioral analysis to autonomously detect, mitigate, and recover from cyberattacks. This approach dynamically strengthens the device's cyber-immune system with localized mitigation, cloud-based forensics, and global threat intelligence. This approach delivers digital supply chain risk management.

Biotech Research & Asset Management Advisory

Business and strategy advisor firm developing complex visualization and data-intense solutions to support hedge funds and investors in understanding market participants and financial information about the private biotech market.

Synthetic Biology Start-Up

Business and strategy advisor to synbio start-up developing an IoT-based integrated cost-effective continuous culture bioreactors for synthetic biology, directed evolution, and culturing the currently un-culturable microorganism. Developing go-to-market, regulatory, and intellectual property strategies.

Informatics Start-Up

Strategy advisor to a startup developing complex D3 data visualizations and market forecasts for private firms in the biotechnology space. Work with founder to develop branding and go-to-market plans, and strategic partnerships.

FinTech Startup

Technology and intellectual property advisor to the founder of a financial technology (FinTech) start-up focused on delivering metrics-driven merger and acquisition due diligence software for better post-transaction outcomes.

AI Analytics

Advisor to the developer of a SAAS-based artificial intelligence discovery platform designed to enable subject matter experts in any industry to gain rapid insight into the growing collections of unstructured content they must analyze. Focused on go-to-market viability for the pharmaceutical and biotech markets.

AI Intelligent Search

Developed an on-demand, on-line, self-directed suite of intelligent search and analytical tool. Solution used concept searching and advanced latent semantic indexing to enable using text objects of any size to be used as a search input. Product was deployed for patent searching, telemedicine, diagnostic imaging, and cybersecurity applications.


Intellectual property strategist and portfolio analyst with deep understanding of and experience in all aspects of patent and IP portfolio development and management, innovation technology transfer, licensing, monetization, patent landscape analysis, and IP-related product and freedom to operate and risk management issues. Experienced with emerging intellectual property based business models and monetization strategies, licensing approaches, and valuation of non-correlated IP assets.

Way Better Patents™

Founder and Publisher of Waybetter Patents, a website focused on chronicling the latest developments in intellectual property, innovations, inventions and patents. Way Better Patents™ designs products and services for inventors, investors, policymakers, and business people who need up-to-date information on trends and market activity in innovations, patents, and inventions. (2012-2017)

Way Better Patents™ was selected as one of the first 50 Open Data 500 companies. The Open Data 500 was the first comprehensive study of U.S. companies that use open government data to generate new business and develop new products and services. The Open Data 500 study is funded by the Knight Foundation and conducted by the GovLab.

Technology Transfer

Worked with Johns Hopkins University Homewood Engineering School on the development of technology transfer and patent strategies to expedite identification of corporate development partners, and delivery of Johns Hopkins IP assets to the marketplace.

USPTO Patent Classification

The solutions architect, systems integrator and developer of the digital business process and workflow system to support the outsourced pre-grant publication (PGPub) classification of patent applications for the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Business Methods Patents

Expert in issues surrounding software and Business Methods Patents, one of the most contentious areas of digital invention.

Academic Patents

Developed a novel econometric model of academic patent licensing using patent maintenance and fee data which exploits the patent renewal fee scheme to determine which university patents are licensed over their enforceable life cycle and when the licensing occurs.

EPO Modernization

Provided business development and proposal support to the Logica team's successful bid for the European Patent Office (EPO) Case Management Modernization, a secure fully digital collaborative platform end-to-end patent prosecution platform.


The informationization of intellectual property drives the need for state-of-the-art cybersecurity for your digital IP and your most important information assets. My work with clients in digital–IP–intense industries led to developing the skills to help my clients protect their inventions, innovations, and digital assets.

Bracketology | Cybersecurity

Bracketology is Wayfinder Digital's cybersecurity risk management control platform solution for digital risk management and risk-based cybersecurity protection of digital innovations and information supply chains. I speak RMF, CSF, FedRAMP, DOD Cloud, CJIS and security aware design of cybersecurity controls.

Cybersecurity Automation & Orchestration

Developed a comprehensive analysis of innovations and patents impacting cybersecurity orchestration, cyber risk insurance, automated cloud access security brokers, and automated risk management tools for investors in cyber start-ups and small and medium businesses in the risk management and cybersecurity product space.

Self-Cleaning Intrusion Tolerance

Provided commercialization, market assessment, and business development consulting to SCIT Labs, the holder of six patents on self-cleaning intrusion tolerance cybersecurity technology.

FedRAMP Cybersecurity & Cloud Risk Management

Retained to extend Microsoft Azure-focused software business and expand the firm's cybersecurity and cloud practice area. Support development of ATO as a Service platform, a SAAS product suite focused on streamlining the FedRAMP Authority to Operate process for Microsoft Azure-based cloud solutions.

Moving Target Defense CyberSecurity

Developed cybersecurity, threat analysis and deterrence, agile and resilient cyber strategies and frameworks, and emerging computer architectures for deploying moving target cyber defense. Developed agile and resilient self-recovering intrusion tolerant defense approaches for critical infrastructure including critical national infrastructure and defense systems.

Vector-Based Insider Threat Tools

Developed demonstration technology that uses mathematical vector models of insider normal band information system behavior in conjunction with advanced latent semantic analysis technology to provide new techniques for detecting, monitoring, and mediating malicious insider behavior by privileged users.

Risk Estimate US Critical Infrastructure

Department of Homeland Security | National Risk Estimate Insider Threat to U.S. Critical Infrastructure. Participated in insider threat risk assessment and cyber defense war game simulation to examine cyber threats posed by information systems insiders and technology risk. This effort was part of the DHS Critical Infrastructure Partnership.

Security-Aware Software Development

Advised organizations building Cloud and Web-based software and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions on how to address cyber threats and the need for cyber secure code during software development. This work focused on cyber threats, proactive and reactive system architectures, attack strategies, and vulnerabilities in embedded, cloud, IoT, and mobile systems.


Designed and delivered cybersecurity strategy and training program for leading Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) predictive services solutions provider in the scientific and medical instruments market.


Risk Management Framework (RMF)

Expert on cybersecurity frameworks and building risk-based cybersecurity using NIST 800-53 Risk Management Framework, NIST's Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), FedRAMP, FedRAMP+, and DOD Cloud security frameworks and associated methods and business processes for deploying these frameworks for a wide range of information architectures. Build tools and analytics for digital risk management and information supply chain protection.

FISMA & NIST Compliant Systems

Solutions Architect responsible for Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and NIST Risk Management Framework compliant authority to operate for secure systems being deployed within the Federal Government and Federal Defense contractors. Experienced information assurance (IA) and authority to operate (ATO) best practices across a wide range of system architectures and information technology missions.

DOD 5015.2 Records Systems

Design and develop 5015.2 compliant records systems and procedures including working with JTICS to help organizations design customized solutions that meet the defacto industry standard for records and digital artifact management.


Designed and implemented a document control and records management system for a major telecommunications and cable provider. This digital and physical document control environment linked to the firm's internal controls systems to support compliance.

Section 508

Design software and hardware for Section 508 Electronic Equipment Accessibility compliant systems to facilitate access to complex business systems by individuals with disabilities.

Education: The George Washington University

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